Job Search Advice

How To Protect Yourself While Job Searching Online

Online scams and identity theft are real threat. Therefore, it is important to double-check facts and keep your personal details (IC number, bank account/credit card information, passwords, address, etc.) protected, even while job searching. Here's how:

Protect Your Resume

At, we take the initiative to ensure the privacy of your resume is respected at all times. All resumes’ default setting is set to "hidden". This means that employers can only view your resume if you apply to their job vacancy. To learn more about your personal data protection, you may refer to our privacy policy.

Share Wisely

Personal details: Not all (employers/recruiters) are bona fide - Take time to read the company profiles on our website and research about the company over the internet, before sharing your personal details.

Passwords: Keep your account details safe. will never send emails asking you to reveal your password.

Know Your Rights

Beware of jobs that require you to pay fees for the recruiting or training process as they may or may not be genuine. does not impose any application fees towards jobseekers.

Question Questionable Content

Scams/false job advertisements: Ponzi schemes/pyramid schemes are sometimes cleverly disguised to attract more jobseekers. The general rule of thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, be wary of job titles and descriptions which are ambiguous.

Downloadable content: Beware of viruses and email phishing, think twice before clicking on a download link from an email. will never send email requesting you to download and/or install any files.

Keep the Community Safe

If you come across any fictitious job advertisements or emails please do not hesitate to report them via the link provided "report to our support team" on the job advertisement page.