Hotel Manager (based In China)

China Qinzhou, Guangxi
Job type
Permanent 1 vacancy
Job level
Management Salary undisclosed
Job Specialisation

Hospitality & Tourism Services Management

Human Resources

Required qualifications
Master's Degree, Professional Degree, Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality/Tourism Management
Required skills
Good professional ethics,strong communication,coordination and adaptability,strong management and team building ability; Princ,good execution,and good pressure resistance;
Required languages
Chinese, English
Job Closed


1. Fully responsible for the operation management of the hotel, formulate medium - and long- term development strategies and annual business plans of the hotel, and make overall planning of resources to achieve annual business goals;

2. Prepare budget and final accounts of the hotel around the profit targets, and strictly control the operating costs;

3.Establish hotel management system, relevant rules and regulations;

4.Team building, service quality management and staff quality management;

5. Properly handle various emergencies;

6. Formulate, implement and control feasible marketing strategies according to market changes and development;

7. Fully responsible for safety management, pay adequate attention to food hygiene, public security and safety, and ensure the personal and property safety of guests and employees;

8. Daily communication and coordination with the company and the franchisees to ensure smooth and effective information;

9. Maintain external relations of the hotel, pay attention to the reception of important guests, and build a good internal and external image;

10. Complete other works assigned by head office.


1 全面负责酒店的经营管理,制定酒店中长期发展战略和年度经营计划,统筹整合资源实现年度经营目标;
2 围绕总公司下达的利润指标和各项工作,编制酒店的预算和决算,严格控制经营成本;

3  负责酒店管理体系的建立,完善相关规章管理制度;
4 负责酒店团队的建立,提高整个酒店的服务质量和员工素质;

5  掌握控制及处理各种紧急情况的方法及步骤,妥善处理各种突发性事件;
6 根据市场变化和发展,制定切实可行的市场营销工作策略,并组织实施和有效控制;
7 全面负责安全管理,抓好食品卫生、治安安全等工作,确保客人和员工的人身、财产安全;
8 与公司、加盟业主进行日常的沟通协调工作,确保信息畅通、有效;
9 负责维护好酒店的外围关系,抓好重要客人的接待工作,塑造良好的内、外部形象;

10 完成总公司交办的其他工作。




1. Degree in Hotel Management or other related disciplines;

2. 8 years working experience and 2 years working experience as general manager of listed three-star hotel or above;

3. Good professional ethics, strong communication, coordination and adaptability, strong management and team building ability; Principled, good execution,and good pressure resistance;



1 酒店管理或相关专业毕业

2 8年工作经验,2年以上挂牌三星级以上酒店总经理工作经验

3  具有良好的职业道德,较强的沟通协调和应变能力,较强管理和团队建设能力,原则性强,执行力较好,有良好的抗压能力



There is no need to provide payment or bank account details to any person or organisation when applying for a job.

Construction / Building / Architecture
Working Hours
Monday-Friday, 9.00AM - 6.00PM