Project Management Office Lead - (experience In IT Project Deployment)

Job type
Contract 1 vacancy
Job level
Senior Management MYR 18,000 - 20,000 per month
Job Specialisation

Information & Communication Technology Others

Required qualifications
Job Closed


Critical Work Functions

·         PMO development

·         PMO services marketing

·         PMO services quality

·         Management

·         Accounts management

·         Subordinate development & supervision


Key Activities:


PMO Development

·         Mission, vision, objectives

·         Development plan

·         Team structure and job descriptions

·         Policies & procedures, standards, framework

·         Project management tools & practices

·         Software engineering tools and technologies

·         Templates


PMO Quality Processes and Standards

·         Quality control policies & practices, ensure that latest quality standards are followed and enforced within the organization.

·         Quality processes engineering

·         Quality training planning and strategy

·         Monitoring



·         Overlook all company projects/programs execution

·         Define and manage department and projects scope

·         Define and manage plans and timelines

·         Manage project costs

·         Manage payment collection from a project management point of view

·         Manage department and projects integration

·         Develop and manage department and projects budget

·         Manage department and projects human resources

·         Manage department and projects communication processes to ensure that all processes are applied and followed

·         Ensure continuous improvement of the communication stream and apply any new relevant standards

·         Risk management, including risk assessment strategy and policies for the overall organization

·         Ensure proper execution of the risk strategy throughout the projects lifecycle

·         Ensure Risk strategy awareness and training for the relevant employees, project managers, departments heads


Account Management

The PMO Manager along with other department managers should play coherent role managing our current client accounts, by:

·         Working in partnership with clients to help meet a satisfactory level of customer satisfaction, thus helping in client retention and encouraging them to get into more business relationships with iHorizons

·         Putting some efforts forecasting our clients long-term needs, including identifying and helping to develop new applications to solve their future business problems. This should end up in creating new leads for our sales to put some efforts in and win!

·         Deeply involved in the company customer retention strategy to ensure that the projects/programs goals are aligned with both iHorizons and clients short/long terms goals


·         New clients prospects; this is more of an indirect role as the PMO Manager


Also, the PMO Manager along with other department managers contribute to developing our internal resources and culture by:

·         Creating and promoting a collaborative environment within the project, where knowledge and skills are shared to facilitate efficient and timely delivery of services to clients


Must possess extensive knowledge and expertise in program/project management, portfolio management, systems development methodology

 Lead a geographically distributed team

 Manage and deploy initiatives by influence

Develop and deliver presentations, training sessions and demos

Bachelors or Master’s Degree

 5 to 8  years of IT and business/industry work experience

 1 to 3 years of program/project management experience

1 to 3 years of equivalent leadership experience.


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